Synergist Valuation Consulting, LLC is a professional financial services firm focusing on business valuation, litigation support and forensic accounting. Located in Western North Carolina, serving clients across the United States.


Why Value a Business?

Business Sales
A professional valuation can be invaluable to the business owner that is considering selling. The valuation can provide the owner
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Buy/Sell Agreements
During business formation of entities with two or more owners, it is very important to determine what will happen should
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Estate & Gift Planning
Estate and gift taxes are calculated on the the fair market value of the assets within the estate. When these
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When business ownership is part of a divorce, quite often the business is the largest marital asset. Because of this,
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Business Financing
Many banks require that businesses obtain a professional, certified business valuation when applying for financing. Only an independent valuator can
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Shareholder/Partner Disputes
Shareholder/Partner disputes are common in closely held businesses.  These disputes eventually become buyouts and can be very costly to parties
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