Business Sales

A professional valuation can be invaluable to the business owner that is considering selling. The valuation can provide the owner with the necessary data to make informed decisions about the possible timing of the sale and a realistic value of the business. 

Buy/Sell Agreements

During business formation of entities with two or more owners, it is very important to determine what will happen should a shareholder/partner want to leave, retire, becomes disabled or dies. This is done by developing a legally binding Buy/Sell Agreement that each shareholder/partner will sign. The buy/sell agreements should dictate how the business will be valued. Most often, a certified valuation will be required to determine the value as of the date the shareholder/partner leaves the business. The valuation will determine the amount one shareholder/partner would pay another (or to their heirs in the event of death) to buyout the shareholder/partner’s share of the business.

Estate & Gift Planning

Estate and gift taxes are calculated on the the fair market value of the assets within the estate. When these assets include an interest in a closely-held business, a valuation of the business interest is required. It is important to have a professional, certified business valuation prepared to be filed along with an Estate and Gift Tax return.


When business ownership is part of a divorce, quite often the business is the largest marital asset. Because of this, the business value is generally the most disputed asset in terms of value especially since there is no readily available market pricing for the shares.

Obtaining a professional, certified valuation of the business is often the most equitable way to establish the true value of the business.

Business Financing

Many banks require that businesses obtain a professional, certified business valuation when applying for financing. Only an independent valuator can provide the necessary report that banks are looking for. 

Shareholder/Partner Disputes

Shareholder/Partner disputes are common in closely held businesses.  These disputes eventually become buyouts and can be very costly to parties who feel they receive too little or pay too much for the transfer of shares.

Even when a buy-sell agreement exists, it is important to obtain a professional, certified valuation.  The CVA will prepare an independent valuation report that is based on a complete analysis of the factors affecting the value of the business.

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